Making soap at home is very easy. This coffee soap recipe is great for beginners. You don’t need previous soap-making experience. Plus you only need typical kitchen equipment. Unlike other soap recipes, there is no handling of pure lye, so this is a safe activity to do with supervised children. Furthermore, there are no active chemical reactions taking place, so super accurate measurements are not required.


Melt & Pour Soap Base

Melt & Pour Soap Base is exactly what it sounds and is very easy to use. It is a soap that you melt, then add fragrances and dyes. The soap base is the hardest ingredient to find but can be bought from Voyageur Soap Supply or Amazon.

Vanilla Extract

You probably have vanilla extract in your pantry. If not it is available in any grocery store. Vanilla extract will add a deep brown coffee-like colour and enhance the coffee smell.

Coffee Beans or Grounds

The coffee beans in this recipe add colour, scent, and a biodegradable exfoliate that removes dirt and dead skin cells. Naturally, I recommend using our medium roast. However, any coffee will work so long you like the aroma.


Grid 30 grams of coffee beans or measure out 30 grams of ground coffee. Feel free to use less if you want a less exfoliating soap.

Weigh out 350 grams of melt & pour soap base into a microwave-safe container. Microwave the soap base 30 seconds at a time till it is fully melted.

Slowly mix and add dips of vanilla extract to the melted soap base until you get your desired shade of brown. It will likely take one to two teaspoons. Then mix in the coffee grounds.

Pour the well-mixed soap base into a soap mold or save some money and simply reuse a coffee cream carton. The coffee grounds float to the top so use a 500 ml milk carton rather than a full large carton.

When the soap has cooled and hardened cut it into desired bars. The melt & pour base has already gone through the curing process, so it is ready to use.

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